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Barbaresco 1961 Podera Nervo
Barbaresco 1961 Podera Nervo
Barbaresco 1961 Podera Nervo
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Barbaresco 1966 GAJA
Barbaresco 1943 Gaja
Barbaresco 1962 GAJA
Barbaresco 1962 GAJA
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Barbaresco is a wine that has always stood in the shadow of its more famous sibling, Barolo. Barbaresco is made from the same grape variety as Barolo, the Nebbiolo grape, and therefore shares many natural similarities with its big brother. However, Barbaresco is not just a small, less intense version of Barolo. It is rather a lighter wine with less structure but with more elegance.

Barbaresco Region

The Barbaresco region is only half the size of the Barolo region, and therefore the production of Barbaresco is also much smaller. Despite the smaller area, there is still great variation between producers. There are several Barbarescos that have only a single vineyard and have become household names in their own right. Ultimately, Barbaresco is a wine that has its own unique appeal and should be appreciated on its own merits.

Barbaresco, which takes its name from the town northeast of Alba, was one of the first municipalities in Italy to receive DOC status when it was granted status in 1966. It received its DOCG certificate in 1980.


The municipality and villages of barbaresco are located in northwestern Italy in the Piedmont region. Piedmont is the home of the Nebbiolo grape, from which both Barbaresco and Barolo wines are made.

In addition to the Nebbiolo grape, many of the vineyards are planted with the barbera grape, which is primarily used to make red wine. The wines made at Barbera are often less marked by tannins, and it is especially in alba that the grapes have their main seat.


Barbaresco DOCG is made from Nebbiolo grapes grown around the villages of Barbaresco, Treivo and Neive. For many years it was only known in the region and was marketed as Vino Nebbiolo or added to Barolo wines.

Nebbiolo as a grape variety is sometimes difficult to work with, but this has not deterred many producers from Piedmont, who have many vines with this fantastic grape variety.

Barbaresco Winemakers

It was only in the 1950s that serious producers such as Angelo Gaja and Bruno Giacosa showed what great potential this terrific majesty has. Since then, the accolades have mainly been given to the tireless efforts of these producers to put Barbarescovine on the world map.

The great efforts of the producers have also sent the prices towards the stars.

Gaja Barbaresco

Angelo Gaja is one of the most respected wine producers in Piedmont, and he is also one of the most famous. His wines are some of the most expensive and collectable in the world.

Gaja's Barbaresco is made from the Nebbiolo grape, which is grown in four vineyards in the Barbaresco zone: Sorì San Lorenzo, Montestefano, Sori Tildin and Costa Russi. All four of these fields are in Barbaresco proper. The Nebbiolo grape reaches its full maturity and extraordinary grace here thanks to the ideal climate and the ideal soil.

The producer Angelo Gaja has had a reputation that almost surpasses any other producer in the various municipalities of Italy.

Barbaresco wine

Barbaresco wine is mainly on the more elegant side than Barolo wines. It is almost feminine in expression, but is sometimes experienced as a stronger version of Barolo. However, as with all regions in Italy, there can be great differences between the various municipalities and vineyards, where microclimates play a decisive role in the anatomy of the wine. The wine can appear almost perfumed, which makes the wine a completely irresistible drinking experience.


A Barbaresco-Riserva DOCG is a wine that has aged for at least three years, of which at least two years must be in barrel. A Barbaresco riserva can be released no earlier than the fifth year after harvest

Barbaresco-Riserva DOCG must be stored for at least 48 months from 1 November in the harvest year. At least 9 of the months must be in wooden casks.

These wines are absolutely fantastic in their best years, and the actual recognition can often be attributed to the DOCG regulations, which have meant that the quality of wines from the area is of great quality.

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