Dom Perignon

Jan 28, 2024Mads Nyvang

There is champagne, and then there is Dom Perignon champagne. In the world of champagne, Dom Perignon is considered something very special, and therefore it has the ability to spread a unique happiness and atmosphere with every golden drop that comes out of the bottle.

Dom Perignon is a traditional champagne with a long history. The champagne is only released in the best vintages and only a limited quantity is produced, resulting in fierce competition for the coveted champagne. This can of course be seen in the price, which shows that this product is unique.

Dom Perignon champagne is a sparkling wine that the whole world considers one of the leading champagnes on the market.

The story behind Dom Perignon

Very few people associate monks and monasteries with expensive champagne, but it was actually a monk who planted the seeds for the famous Dom Perignon champagne. The champagne was named after the monk Dom Perignon, who went by this name in the 17th century. century France.

The writings of the monk who changed champagne

During his time as a monk, Dom Perignon fell in love with winemaking, and it was one of his improvements and recipes that evolved into the modern Champagne. Dom Perignon created his own recipes and methods, which he documented for posterity, for which we can only be deeply grateful today.

According to Dom Perignon's writings from the 17th century, he was fond of Pinot Noir for making his wines, and a large number of intricate processes and other directives can also be found in his old notes.

Champagne's great role model

Dom Perignon was a great winemaker, but he was not the inventor of sparkling wine or champagne as we know them today.

So it was not the monk Dom Pérignon who started the champagne brand Dom Perignon, although the name suggests it. Champagne producer Dom Perignon was inspired by the story of the French monk, but it was actually an Englishman who invented champagne and named his drink after him.

It is this champagne that we all know and love, and although it takes its name from a French monk, the modern recipe has little to do with him.

It is certain, however, that he was a man who always strived for perfection, and his pursuit led him to experiment with different grape varieties, fermentation processes and types of casks.

How is Dom Perignon Champagne made?

A Dom Perignon is produced in the same way as other champagnes, but there are some special criteria for the production of Dom Perignon which distinguish it from other champagnes.

Dom Perignon is a unique bottle of champagne because it is only produced in the best vintages, and therefore it is not available on an annual basis.

A Dom Perignon is a vintage wine, which means that the champagne is only made from grapes harvested in the same year as the vintage. All grapes are hand-picked to ensure that only the best grapes become Dom Perignon champagne.

Which grapes are used for Dom Pérignon

For the production of a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne, the producer uses Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, with Chardonnay accounting for 55% and Pinot Noir for 45%. These are 2 out of the 3 legal champagne grapes in the world famous champagne district. The last legal grape is Pinot Meunier, but this grape is not used in Dom Perignon champagne.

A bottle of champagne that will last for many years

It takes many years from when the production of a given champagne starts until it is released on the market. The reason for this is that Dom Perignon is a producer that likes to let its champagnes age for many years before release.

All this helps to make Dom Perignon unique, and the many technical advances in the production of the champagne have made it extremely famous and sought after by champagne enthusiasts all over the world. It is one of the world's most exquisite champagnes, and it is almost as if you are drinking stars.

The many versions of Dom Pérignon champagne

There are different types of Dom Perignon champagne, each with their own special characteristics.

In addition to the vintage champagnes from a specific year, Dom Pérignon, like other producers, also makes a rosé champagne, which has become a particularly popular type of champagne in recent years. Typically all the champagnes are brut, but there may be certain versions where the popular producer deviates from the classic brut category. One thing is certain though, quality is always synonymous with bottles from Dom Pérignon.

Special editions of Dom Pérignon

Dom Pérignon also enters into various collaborations with famous people around special editions of the champagne. This type of champagne can only be made in one vintage, and only a certain number of bottles of these special editions are produced.

Björk & Chris Cunningham and Lady Gaga are some of the people who have collaborated with Dom Pérignon.

Dom Pérignon for special occasions

All champagnes from the winery Dom Pérignon are obvious ideas for the unique gift for special occasions. A vintage champagne from a specific year is something that will make all your guests gape.

Any champagne lover will appreciate a bottle of champagne that has the reputation of Dom Pérignon. Reviewers such as Robert Parker love the champagne, and he mentions, among other things, Dom Pérignon, which is one of the leading producers in the region, which is described as the most prestigious of its kind.